My 3 hearts..

Hey Praylaxation! It’s been a minute! Sending love on this love day!

I have three favorite girls. So here goes.

To my mommy: Happy Valentine’s Day! Everyday is interesting working with you. Lol but you hold it down. A new chapter is coming. Thank you for being the perfect grandmother. That’s an addiction I can deal with! Thanks for supporting us as parents. I love you very much.

To my babygirl: listen! Everyday is an experience being your dad. I mean literally. Happy Valentine’s Day Bean. Let me be the first to say, you are loved. You won’t ever have to think differently as long as I have breath. Honestly, I’m saving all these post so even after I go, you will have all of this to know THAT YOU ARE LOVED! You are my princess bean. I think I’m learning baby language as you learn English. Lol. Thanks for teaching me patience.

I saved my special favorite, my absolute, my person, my Queen for last: thank you. You teach me how to open up, how to learn how the mind works, human psychology, how to communicate effectively, how to pray better, how to trust more, how to love better, how to be patient and wait on God, how to love you effectively, how to be a better husband and so much more. Life wouldn’t be life without your beautiful self.


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