My Joy… 

“Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness, My God 

That is who YOU ARE”
I literally have been working on this all day. If it wasn’t one thing, it was another. But I honestly didnt know what to say….
Well, my girl, this time last year, I had made the mistake of taking too many benadryl, due to my stress hives, but somehow I still managed to change your diapers, hand you to your mom to be fed, and give you your first bath.. My darling Girl! This day last year, 9:38AM, to be exact, you made your entrance. I watched your mom closely for 65 hours….we waited AND waited AND waited! You were chilling lol. To this day, we still revolve around you Princess. In the words of Aunt Helen, “You tell em who’s boss Braelee”, she would be correct lol. As soon as you came out, you looked like me, and you changed me in a matter of seconds. I made a silent vow to always be your no. 1 fan, your bodyguard, and your life coach… I hope im coming through on my promise. We are connected at the hip kid. We have a routine lol. You know I gotchu homie! 
“I’m still pinky, you’re still Brain”
My darling girl, I cant believe YOU ARE ONE! Where did this year go? I can tell you….exactly…because we’ve captured it in every picture, video, laugh and cry. every tamtrum, breakdown, crazy moment…kid you make life worth it… So for Age 1: Life coach lesson… remember HE who keeps you from falling. He is a way maker. You know how I know? He gave me you. My light in the darkness. and I love you! Me and mommy love you very much! Happy Birthday Bean!


One thought on “My Joy… 

  1. I’m over here crying like I’m the baby ! That was beautiful! You and Shadra have done a remarkable job being parents. You have made it past the first year. I’m sooo proud of the man/father that you are. The best is yet to come! I love the three of you sooo much.!

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