Im Grateful

It was the five or six o’clock hour Thanksgiving  morning. My wife, my daughter and I were asleep in the living. I awoke and fed the baby and set up to rock her back to sleep. I laid back and watched them sleep. I seriously took it all in. 

 I was blessed. This was my unit. Any voids that I may have are still there but this is where I get my love. Nothing else matter.

As I stared into my daughters bright brown eyes, I teared up…ok well i cried lol. Ok… I silently balled lol, thinking about my grandfather. How this was thanksgiving and he wasn’t here to see this next generation. How she wouldn’t experience his monstrous laugh where you could see all of his gold teeth. But I looked into her eyes and I could see him. 

At that moment, I realized I have everything possible inside of me to give her a better life because of him and I planned to do it. I looked over to my sleeping wife and vowed to be the backbone of my unit. We were partners in this, we could do anything.

Later in the evening after everyone had eaten, I sat down in his chair and looked across the blended family, it felt good. People were laughing and talking, the game was on, but this sense of peace and gratefulness came over me. I glanced across the room and there was my daughter being burped by my wife but she was looking at me. It was eerie, like this kid can hear my thoughts. I began to hum, under the radar of the TV, one of my favorite songs: 

I’m grateful, for all of the

Things You’ve done, done for me. 

You’ve been faithful and merciful; 

For my sins you, forgave me.

Hallelujah, I will sing to You;

All the glory, I will give to You.

I could never praise you, enough” 

Yesterday was a good day. Happy Holidays everyone!

Live where you can. 

Choose what you keep, choose what you hold on to, everything else… Send it back to the dirt. 


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