My first Daddy/Daughter Conversation

Well… God, you continue to amaze me! You really don’t have to, but I’m Grateful! What was suppose to be my wife and I going to the doctor for a check up, ended up being a 65 hour labor saga. It was long. Reaaaaaal long. (Now it doesn’t feel so long). I watched my wife be a human pin cushion and go through gruesome contractions, but at the end of the journey, We received the best gift.



As I look at you, I realize, everything I thought was love was nothing compared to what I have in my heart for you. Now, I love your mom with EVERYTHING, but you are our star. Watching you come into this world was amazing. I gained a special respect for your mom. She was a real MVP, but I think just to see your face was worth everything.

I had to sit back one day while you were sleep and just look… And wonder…what your ancestors were thinking. How their blood runs through your veins. How much you look like them. How much you remind them of there parents. I wonder what the Rev. would say, and W.A, and Ms. Madlen. They, for sure, are pleased.

From the top of your head to the souls of your small feet, you have the protection of the Lord. You have a devine destiny. I’ll stop at nothing to make sure you always remember that.

Above everything, you will always be my darling girl. I may fuss, yell, even have to jack you up (lol), but you will always have my heart.  True be told, I didn’t really know how to pray until I found out you were coming. You will hear your mother use the word “Tarry” a lot lol. Well, I tarried until you came into this world and I knew you were safe! Funny thing is, you already know I have your back! You know my voice. When I say Calm down, you open your bright eyes and look, then proceed to try to kick me in the face (You are your mother’s child)

Thanks for making me a better man and striving to be the best dad I could ever be. IT won’t always be easy, but It will be binding. You, me, and your mom are the best unit that God could’ve ever made. We love you girl! I love you Girl… 14947480_697077637112386_3961489298731814578_n



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