Parental Instinct 

I remember before we knew about Braelee. I remember thinking and telling my wife. Babe, i think you’re pregnant. She would always answer, no way. I would  say ok, maybe I’m thinking too much into it.

Fast forward to a photo shoot we are scheduled to be a part of. We are on the highway and she is asleep, and it’s almost as if she could sense that I was about to rear end someone, but she set straight up frantic and I jammed on brakes right before i hit the car. 
Now what I saw next, she didn’t realize she did. She has panic in her eyes but her hands were on her stomach. I said ok. So we get to the photo shoot and she gets all dolled up and as the photographer starts snapping away, she begins to get dizzy and starts falling. I tend to her, and I say ” you ready to take that test yet?” 

Instinct vs Instinct

Fast forward to month 9. Braelee will be here in 3 weeks. Nursery done, diapers and bottles prepped. Am i excited? I am. But I’m even more blessed. 

God is trusting us with a new life. He’s given us instinct and survival skills to handle the blessing and i couldn’t be more joyous. 

When i say instinct. How I drive.  How i position the furniture. How clean the house stays. Who i allow close to me. How i let generational hurt affect me. How i make money. When my wife moans  how she moans, how she hurts. Her needs. 

My instinct is on how my daughter lives. How she grows. How she survives. I will be her protector at all cost. 

I became a parent one day lol


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