Ok so we finally made it home last night after a wonderfully planned gender reveal party. We went to church today and gave God praise for the breakthroughs, the blessings, and our daughter’s life. Tonight, after finishing my homework, I took a quick moment to meditate and reflect on the weekend. God continues to answer my prayers! 

This weekend, we let the world know that come November we’ll be the parents of a beautiful baby girl. My Braelee bean! And I’m already wrapped! 

My darling girl, somehow you have managed to wrap me around your tiny finger and your not here yet! You’ve changed my whole world and life is so much sweeter knowing you’re coming. We can’t wait to see you again! Next time show us your face! 

Braelee, everything secretly revolves around you, but we will never tell you that lol. Just know, I pray for you my Child, that you will be strong just like me, have the wisdom of your mom and the the love of God like your grands. 

You are perfect. You are daddy’s bean and I’ll do all I can to protect you, but even in the moments where I can’t, the prayers of the righteous availeth much, so God will always be there! 

I’m wrapped lol. It’s ok thought, I like it.



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