Ghetto Burgers

The recipe of the century. One pound of ground beef will make two burgers. Cook said half pound burgers and then ATTACK said burgers with all the cheese you can find in the fridge. Find your hamburger bun…. And throw it away. It is not worthy. Locate two pieces of Texas toast. Put on your LTO and have at it! 

Now, of course this recipe isn’t just great because it’s gluttonous, packed with cheese, and guaranteed to put you to sleep… It’s special because it’s one of the first recipes my Uncle Wardel taught me. And now, in his passing this past Saturday, I’ve learned all I could from him.

It’s kinda funny, I’m suppose to speak at his service Sunday and until now, I was like what is there to really say? So I came home today and make a full meal, LIKE a full southern comfort meal. And it just started to flow out. My uncle wasn’t always that nice, he wasn’t always funny, But to every negative memory there is an equal positive one. And realistically, that’s how life is. We have the choice of what we hold fast to. So now that I have this full meal (smothered hamburger and onions, baked fish, spinach, fried potatoes) and all these memories, I know what I want to remember and what I want to say. The rest, I release. Cheers to you John W. 

Rest Well Old Man.


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