My green bean

I remember when my grandma used to make me snap green beans. It was kind of a big thing in the south. I don’t know too many people that still snap beans, but I learned early. I remember, early on, that the bigger beans always had the most pods. Me and my grandmother would sit and count the pods. That’s about the only bonding experience I think we ever had. 

Now that I have the most special GreenBean, I think of stories like this and all I can think about is making sure you stay on the vine until your absolutely perfect. But even still, I want you to always be connected to the true vine. I’ll try my best to teach you everything there is to know. And God will be a life long lesson. 

From the moment we flipped that test, it was real to me. The pictures: EVEN MORE REAL! Through the shock value and everything, it truly happened that early and that sudden.

Everything changed.

You are my darling child and I can’t wait to hold you and spoil you, but also read you this post when I have to discipline you and on those days when you’re hell bent on being mad at me. I can sit you down and explain to you that from the dawn of time, you were my green bean and no matter how old, you will always be my heart.  Boy or girl. Doesn’t matter. Just know that you are my heart.

 When I wake up I have visions of you. I see your face. I see you smiling. I see you walking and laughing. I daydream about our interactions and how you attempt to play me and mommy against each other lol. I have visions of when you’re a teen and I have to throw a shoe like my grandfather did me and my cousins. I have visions of you sitting on his lap…the way he did me…

We will always love you. I’ll teach you how to handle life. Actually we can all handle it together. Everything that I do is for you. All the working and building is for you. There will be times when I let you fall, so you know how it feels to be human. There are times when I go to battle for you so you know I got your back, then there are times when I tell you you’re wrong, so you know it’s ok to make a mistake. Lol there may be a time when I hug you and I don’t wanna let you go because you’re my child and I’m selfish like that.. 

Above all, I can’t wait to explain to you how God saw it through that were beautifully and wonderfully made. From your tiny arms and tiny legs to your crazy little heart beat… You are my best work! My bean. 


4 thoughts on “My green bean

  1. Wow! That was beautiful!!! I felt the same way about you growing up. Only you were my “Bud”.. now I’m watching my dreams come to fruition …. when I see the man you have become. You are the husband that I would have liked to have found and oh what a wonderful father you are!!!! I’m happy that you are happy. I’m soooooo proud of the way you are holding everything down! Love you Son. Continue to walk in your anointing. Continue to follow God’s path for you.


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