Live it 

I’ve been in a funeral home since the early 90’s. I grew up there. My family owned it. I learned how to do it, and do it without emotion. The first funeral I ever cried at was my friend Dorian. He got hit by a car on Holloween. Then after so much sickness, my grandfather laid on the table that he had stood over for so many years. To this day my visions of death are business with twinkles of sadness. Every baby, every young person, every old person.. You hear their story. Bad or good.

Now, as I just buried my 6th class mate, Praying that one continues to pull through from a car accident, and making transportation arrangements for a cousin who has passed, I prepare to hear their stories. Above all of this sadness, one thing is always true. You have one life. God holds the key. It’s your choice what you do with it. 

I’ve seen more death then anyone in my phone contacts. I, of course for that reason, will always handle death differently. I choose to live for that reason. One day I’ll be in that same place, on that same table that my grandfather was on. Someone will stand over me. At the very end, can you say I have lived my life to the fullest? Can you say I’ve done all that I could to be a good steward?

We all have a purpose. A Devine purpose. I’ve seen a guy take a bullet to the side of his head and live. He wasn’t done his assignment yet. We all have that purpose and God doesn’t always tell us what it is but he keeps us until the assignment is complete. As much as the devil tries to attack me day in and day out, I refuse to allow him to dictate how I live! And I refuse to live in hate and negativity.

Walk in purpose. Live on purpose! Live it. Life! Without Regrets! We were born to die! You only get one…. Send all that bad stuff back to the earth and continue to walk!


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