This is where my hand belongs…

So it’s been a long day. I decided I would take my bike out and I’ve come to the conclusion: Yep, I’m not in shape…at this point who needs exercise!?  I come home get my mind right and rest, realizing I can’t be much more tired than her. The woman carrying my child. As much as I do, it could never amount to that. 

This is why this Mother’s Day is so special. Every year moving forward, this is a holiday she gets! For being selfless and for being a great mom. For the sacrifice.  Many people don’t get it. I’ve already been asked, “…. But she’s not a mom yet?!” My response has always been the same: “how can you argue that abortion is killing a baby. Once the fetus is made it is living. So you’re killing it…. But recant and say a woman is not a mother til birth?” A woman becomes a mother as soon as there begins to be attachment in the uterus. Those hormones began to kick, motherhood begins to kick! Even in stillborn/ miscarriage cases: once a mom ALWAYS a mom! 

So tonight, the mother of my child doesn’t feel well. She has a headache and upset stomach. Lord knows I’m exhausted and achy. But this is where my responsibility lies… With my hand rubbing her head as she drifts to sleep. And my prayer, my responsibility as the head, is that throughout this journey they both remain healthy and whole! This is where I belong.
….send it back to the dirt


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