It’s been a long time..

I realize it’s been a minute since I’ve talked to the good people! It started the 16th. I was ripping and running to get my wife’s party done, the Sunday… I rest. Well.. I rested with The intentions of hopping back on for another post on Monday that didn’t work out too well. I got so caught up in everything that was going on Monday morning that I didn’t meditate. To tell you the truth, I meditated maybe three times in the last seven days and I can definitely tell because it’s been a terrible week. 

 I can always tell when I don’t pray like I should. When I don’t center myself like I should. It just seems like I can’t get right.  So for those of you who were looking for a post from me I do apologize. 

Today, I decided not to let that continue. I got up this morning,  I fixed a small breakfast And I begin to think about everything that I had to do today. As I did these things I turned my music on and I lit my candle and I  began to set the atmosphere in the house.  there was peace, there was God, and there was me. 

((Side note: even though I hadn’t been here to post for you, I’ve been researching different ways to pray.  I’ve been researching and talking to the father about the different ways to exalt and the different ways to relax and the different ways to thank him and appreciate him, so that my praise doesn’t become routine and my prayer doesn’t become routine. ))

So as I set the atmosphere, my body relaxed. I stop feeling so tense. Nothing outside of these walls mattered. Not that I don’t care but they don’t matter. I begin to thank the Lord for no longer allowing me to let the foolishness consume me. I also begin to thank him for changing my outlook on life. I prayed that God would strengthen my discernment towards those who talk a good game even in the name of Jesus. I asked him to kill my flesh and make me more like him. 

My focus was 100% on him. So much so that I didn’t even realize the meditation position that I was in was straining my back. So much so that my body was reacting to the pain through my tear ducts but my mind wasn’t concentrating on it. That’s how I’m able to get rid of stuff daily. Pain is more mental than anything. Cancel it out and focus on the source.  You choose how your effected. 

Send it back….


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