Alternative Methods

As we are in Washington D.C celebrating my wife’s birthday, I didn’t get a chance to have my session this morning at the hotel (just didn’t feel right) and boy did I feel it! As I started the morning, and through out the day, I’ve been cussing and fussing. I’m like what is going on? (THE LIGHT’S GREEN!) (DRIVE FASTER GRANDMA!!). I then realized I wasn’t at peace for the morning, nor did I start my day in prayer. Where was my covering for the morning? I had not begun my direct connection. 

Don’t get me wrong. The Lord covers us even when we don’t ask. He protects us even when we don’t ask, however there is something special when we initiate a social one on one session with the big MAN! 

Since this is her birthday weekend (her birthday was the 5th), we went to the nail shop. And the relaxation there was all I needed. Sometimes the moment may need to be more internal than physical. Don’t be afraid of finding an alternative in the midst of life. Sometimes it all you got! Send it back 



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