Reality focus

The morning chronicles: I have got to stop procrastinating. I lay in the bed, then get up and walk. But never get going! We will work on that. 

I had a convo with my barber yesterday about his concerns with the stories and facts surrounding the bible. ((You know I have to pray up my faith when you go into these situations. #neverswayed)) He held concerns with why people wouldn’t answer the questions he had, and got so irritated when he challenged their religion. “How could Jesus be real with all the turmoil.” “Why was the bible translated into so many versions?” “How do we know what’s been changed”  We had a good conversation. -Most of my theory in answering…is on faith. I acknowledged his questioning. I acknowledged the difference between religion and relationship. Believing and then believing on faith.  I even acknowledged that there are some things we may never know! By the end of the conversation, we respected each other for not shying away from answering each other.  I never miss an opportunity to plant.

Here’s my thought after going into my session for the morning: we can’t  just pray the demons away, or think someone is demonic because they have QUESTIONS. the human minds is, in itself, thought provoking. As a hearer and doer of the WORD, it’s my responsibility to have strong enough faith and a strong enough prayer life to go into a battle of the mind. The moment you push someone to the side is the same moment that could’ve been THEIR MOMENT. That’s why I never proclaim to be a bible scholar. But I can show you how my RELATIONSHIPS works. That’s a reality focus. 
As always, send the weight back to the earth.. Love ya!


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