The Covering and the Detox

Every morning, my thought process and routine was: wake up, kiss babe goodbye, lay back down (mind already going, no more sleep), get on Facebook, hammer myself about getting on Facebook and not doing something more meaningful with time, and eventually rushing out the house to begin my list. At the end of the day, I’m leaving work unfulfilled because my projects weren’t done. Well the keyword there is “was”. 

The first two verses of Psalm 62 reads:  “My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” I wasn’t resting because I wasn’t asking to be covered and I surely wasn’t giving him his time. I’m learning that instead of the hustle and bustle every morning, my period of God begins, my period of covering begins…and the peace of that covering carries me through the day. 

However, this morning was different. 

I woke up. Something was off. I fell back to sleep. I felt just negative. I begin to pray and I walked and got my anointing oil for the house. And I began to pray and just go through every room, and soon enough there was a release of that energy.  Sometimes you have to chase away the enemy. Don’t let him sit idle by.

When all was well, I went into meditation and prayer. As I began to relax my mind, (flashing back to a conversation I had yesterday with a friend), God said one word….”Detox”.  What happens in Detox? You isolate yourself for a certain amount of time and allow the negative objection and subjection to purge out of your pores. It is the beginning of a clean slate. Weightless and free. Most people have to detox more than once, because after you’ve gotten clean, the reality is you still have to go right back out in the world. For me, It’s ok to detox daily. Morning or night, that’s up to you. My preference is morning. 

  1. Pick a time
  2. Go into isolation in your home or your office
  3. Breathe…
  4. Release the negativity from everything up until that moment, back into the earth.
  5. Ask God to cleanse you
  6. Move on! 

My morning meditation begins with a spiritual detox. On my knees, back stretched; I put my face to the floor and I…. Breathe. I pore the aggression back into the dirt. I say, “Warren, what happen prior to today has no bearing on today. Forward motion”. I pray and I tell the Lord, “ok, you got me? It’s me and you against the world” 

I hope you take this and go GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!! 



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