Reality focus

The morning chronicles: I have got to stop procrastinating. I lay in the bed, then get up and walk. But never get going! We will work on that.  I had a convo with my barber yesterday about his concerns with the stories and facts surrounding the bible. ((You know I have to pray up my faith when you go into these situations. #neverswayed)) He held … Continue reading Reality focus

The Covering and the Detox

Every morning, my thought process and routine was: wake up, kiss babe goodbye, lay back down (mind already going, no more sleep), get on Facebook, hammer myself about getting on Facebook and not doing something more meaningful with time, and eventually rushing out the house to begin my list. At the end of the day, I’m leaving work unfulfilled because my projects weren’t done. Well … Continue reading The Covering and the Detox


Hey great people! This is as much a journey for me as I hope it will be for you! Praylaxation is something that I prayed on for awhile. It is my method of relaxation and meditation in the throne room. Meditation is something that has been frowned upon in the church. Why? “WHAT IS MEDITATION!? I pray”  I’m here to tell, PRAYER and MEDITATION CAN … Continue reading Welcome!